Inflatable Props & Decorations

With our extensive knowledge, experience in the design and manufacturing of inflatable products and shapes we are the premier supplier of inflatable scenic sets, entranceways, backdrops and props. Our creative capabilities allow us to design and build structures that incorporate a variety of materials, textures, decorating and manufacturing techniques.

Bring your ideas into reality. Nothing brings an event to life like a stunning inflatable prop or decoration. Inflatable Depot designed and manufactured inflatable props and decorations are used around the world for Television productions, Film and movie sets, Trade Shows, Attractions, Events, Photography Studios, Parties and more. The Inflatable Depot is your sole source for all the inflatable concepts, needs and requirements.

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Take your center to the next level; add decorated and branded party, safety, and advertising equipment. Simple things; a custom inflatable birthday chair, branded or decorated support column covers or a giant advertising inflatable. Complete the visual stimulation, create attention, and buzz. Let us show you how we can complete the package by customizing to meet your needs.

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We love our hearing about customer successes and accomplishments, but even more exciting is seeing videos of our customer partners’ happenings and events check out the media recognitions and customer developed videos. Enjoy the fun!

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