Inflatable Insurance

Are you an inflatable park or family entertainment center owner, indoor park purchasing manager or inflatable rentals business owner? You may be wondering if you need inflatable insurance, and how much this insurance will cost.

The benefits of insurance for your inflatables far outweigh the investment. Without insurance, you may be limited to servicing small events and risk losing your business to a lawsuit. With insurance, you'll benefit from protection against liability and the freedom to rent inflatables at recreation centers, parks and other event locations.

Inflatable Insurance Cost and Quotes

At Inflatable Depot, we recommend purchasing insurance for your business. We suggest working with Cossio Insurance Agency for dependable, low-cost insurance for your inflatable play equipment. Whether you own a bounce house, family entertainment center or rental business, CIA offers competitive insurance quotes for your company's needs.

Other inflatable insurance companies include:

The Benefits of Branded Inflatables

At Inflatable Depot, our experienced and innovative team of designers build all our products with high-quality technology that secures all seams on our 18-20 ounce vinyl inflatables. We take great pride in our international customer base and can custom-design our play equipment specifically for your brand or venue. Insuring our inflatables allows you to invest in play components to boost marketing, drive ticket sales and increase traffic to your venue.

We offer custom structures for all your branding needs, including advertisements and custom logos. We are specialists when it comes to combining our creative, innovative capabilities with your unique company brand or product.

Examples of branded inflatables we've designed for businesses include:

  • Cowabunga Inflatable
  • Fisher Price Soft Play
  • Inflatable Movie Scene
  • Cocacola Replica Inflatables
  • Monkey Joe's Inflatables
  • Salvation Army Inflatable

Inflatable concept parks from Inflatable Depot offer the best return on investment in the industry and are safer than other types of trampoline parks and FECs. Plus, you'll enjoy lower insurance costs with our inflatable concept parks compared to other indoor play facilities.

Learn More About Insurance for Inflatables

At Inflatable Depot, safety is paramount when it comes to our inflatable concept parks and individual inflatables. We believe a comprehensive insurance policy is essential for business growth and protection from liability. Contact us online or call us at 1-866-716-3704 today with any questions about inflatable insurance.