Commercial Inflatables Manufacturer

Owning a bounce house or inflatable rental business is a rewarding and profitable experience. At Inflatable Depot, we have over 20 years of experience serving inflatable businesses as well as inflatable rental companies.


Selecting a Custom Inflatable Manufacturer for Your Inflatable Business

The inflatable bounce house and rental business industries are growing — in part because customers love renting custom inflatables for special events. Anyone can rent inflatable play equipment and bounce houses for graduation parties, birthday celebrations, carnivals, church gatherings, corporate festivities, holidays, backyard events and more.

To start an inflatable business, you'll need to secure a manufacturer that sells custom inflatables and bounce houses. To ensure you get superior, long-lasting inflatables, we recommend partnering with a commercial inflatable manufacturer based in the USA. You'll enjoy a higher return on investment, better warranties and inflatables made from high-quality materials.

At Inflatable Depot, our custom inflatables are engineered with the highest quality materials in the industry, including 18-20 ounce vinyl. Your overall investment will be much lower compared to other play products, such as playground equipment.


Why Choose Us as Your Inflatable Park Manufacturer?

There's no limit to what the team at Inflatable Depot can do. For over 20 years, we've expanded our business to feature a revolutionary selection of inflatable products as well as innovative, interactive large-scale custom projects. Our talented designers are exceptionally creative and versatile in what they can do. We've installed everything from inflatable custom parks and giant inflatable forests to slides, bounce houses, obstacle courses, toddler inflatables, water games and more.

Partner with Inflatable Depot as your commercial inflatables manufacturer, and you'll enjoy:

  • USA market expertise: Because we're based in the USA, we understand what your target market wants in terms of inflatables.
  • Custom designs: Our graphic and industrial designer teams collaborate to meet your business needs and marketing goals.
  • Maximum safety: We use lead-free vinyl, a material that meets and exceeds the Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSIA).
  • Testimonials from industry-leading clients: Companies like Jump City, Jump On In!, Bouncy Times, Monkey Joe's, World of Bounce, Xplosion, Jump!Zone and Jumpin' Jamboree have all depended on us for superior customer service, innovative designs and affordable wholesale prices.
  • Pure playability: Inflatable Depot is a commercial inflatables manufacturer motivated by designing the most thrilling, interactive and entertaining play pieces for children of all ages and abilities.


Choose Inflatable Depot as Your Wholesale Bounce House Manufacturer

Inflatables and bounce houses inspire kids through the world of interactive play. With Inflatable Depot as your inflatable park manufacturer, you'll enjoy commercial bounce houses and other play inflatables sold at wholesale prices. We can make your vision a reality through fully customizable designs. To get started, contact us online or call 1-866-716-3704 with any questions. We'll be more than happy to assist you!