Frequently Asked Questions

Why Depot?

The real question is WHY NOT DEPOT?  Why would anyone pick someone that is not the leader in the industry?   Why would you choose a company that builds only basic units?  Why would you choose games that have not been tested over and over in an indoor environment?  Why games that do not meet worldwide standards for materials, construction and design?   Why would you choose someone that doesn’t consider their customer a partner and realizes that your success is their success?  Only Inflatable Depot can provide all of these attributes and much more.  Inflatable the first choice and only choice.

What comes included with the purchase of an inflatable game?

All units come with a repair kit, ground trap, owner’s manual, with photo CD and set up instructions.

What is the turn-around time once an order is placed?

For a standard unit in stock we can ship immediate.  For non-inventoried item we, typically turn new units around 6 to 8 weeks

What is the warranty on your inflatables?

All of our inflatables come with a TWO year warranty, make sure you check out our terms & conditions for full details. Blowers and third party items warranties are handled by their respective manufacturers.

How do I clean and maintain an inflatable game?

For units used outdoors they should be cleaned and inspected after each use, never put units away wet, damp.  Use mild soap to clean muddy areas.  Inside units should be inspected daily, dusted and vacuumed weekly.    Check blowers for free air flow and remove any collected dust off air intake screen

What kind of vinyl is used?

All units are constructed of commercial grade UV inhibited, Latex and Lead Free vinyl which meets and exceeds Consumer Price Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) and California Proposition 65.  All materials utilized are certified fire retardant that meet or exceed the NFPA701 large scale tests. 

Do you finance purchases of your inflatables?

While we do not finance ourselves, we offer a flexible payment and term schedule and we work some of the best leasing / financing companies that support our industry. 

Do your games meet USA and international legal standards and requirements?

All our units meet and exceed all material, manufacturing and design criteria’s and standards for ASTM, BSi, Pipa, NJ, PA, EU and Australia.   If there is a standard we can provide ALL the documentation necessary. 

How long have you been in business?

Inflatable Depot has been in operation for over 18 years.   

We have a unique idea for an Inflatable product can you help me?

Yes, bring it to us.  Need a non-disclosure form completed we can provide.   Let us know what you need.  We can and do it.  

How do I expand my brand?

We love when we get this question as the possibilities are limitless.   If is advertising you need or an oversized version of you logo or character we can handle it all.   Our imaginative capabilities allow us to design and build structures that incorporate a variety of materials, textures and manufacturing techniques.  Partnering with the most innovative, creative and knowledgeable inflatable company will provide branding solutions the will guarantee success with your objectives. 

If I want a layout of my proposed facility what will I need to provide?

We can work with almost anything, but it helps if you have the basic layout of the building L x W and any odd walls, doors and or obstructions within the space, we can work with it.   What is really important is the clear ceiling height.  While we have many choices and a huge selection of games, we want to make sure that we are able to provide you with your BEST options to meet your vision.   Not sure what you want in the building, Party Rooms? Adult Spaces? Toddler Areas? Concessions?   We can walk you through it all.  After all we have been at this for a long time.   Only the best for our partners. 

How do I find more information on Inflatable Parks and how you can assist me?

Inflatable parks are becoming a phenomena in Europe, South American and other parts of the world.  It’s essentially a portable traveling event or show that can be moved to different towns and cities around an area.   Think about as it’s a GIANT OUTDOOR PARTY CENTER.  With a worldwide presence Inflatable Depot has and is involved with some of the largest and most successful parks in the world.  What to know more contact one of our experts for more insight.  

What is a PROP? 

Have an event, Play, Commercial, Product introduction, Need to fill background space,   and we can accommodate your needs with an inflatable.   We can offer complete reality and portability with significant cost savings over other forms of construction and building.  Check out some of the things we have done and put our creativity and capabilities to work for you.   

How long does it take to customize a unit?

Once we have an approved rendering conceptual drawing out normal turnaround is 6 to 8 weeks, remember it takes time for perfection but It is always worth the time.    

Why do I see always see Depot Equipment at the party centers I visit?

Since the infancy of the Indoor Party Center, Inflatable Depot has been the forerunner in designing and providing the best in inflatables to.  We have the foremost knowledge and know what it takes to succeed in the business.   We learned over time, and quantity of centers how to design, build and manufacture all our equipment to handle the rigors of the indoor party center.    We have the games with the HIGHEST PLAYBILITY in the industry, why anyone would choose less is beyond us.   

Can you brand my inflatables?

Yes, we can use your color scheme, add your logo, and even incorporate 3D versions of your character into the design of the inflatable.   Don’t have a LOGO?   THEME?  CHARACTER?   We can do it all.   Exclusively from INFLATBLE DEPOT 

I want a customized inflatable, how much can you do for me?

Have a need?   Got an Idea?  Need something out of the ordinary?  We can do it all.  We thrive on developing the unique one off.  Give us a call and let us put our creativity to work for you

What is Pure Playability all about?

“PURE PLAYABILITY”   is defined as a comprehensive collection of items and activities’ for children to interact with objects utilizing all their senses for learning and play.  Only Inflatable Depot, the recognized leaders in inflatable design and manufacturing can take, common concepts and develop a complete spectrum of modern objects and children’s activities and create a quantum shift in children’s recreational play and education.  

Can I buy from outside the US?

Yes when you are dealing with the only truly international inflatable company with multiple office locations. We can handle international orders offering our entire product line.   Check out our worldwide and international standards that we adhere too.  You DO NOT have to accept that basic inflatable that are available around the world.   Don’t settle choose the company and products that will set your company apart. With our global experience and presence we can supply your needs typically within our standard lead-times.    

How can I be updated regularly about Depot news, promotions, events, etc.?

In this age of electronic and social media, we utilize all of them we want to be in touch.   Check out our website www.inflatabledepot .com, and register or friend us on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and you tube.  Register on line and we will make sure that we keep you up to date with Depot happenings, Industry trends and issues, Promotions, events and contests.      Want the best catalog in the industry, let us know and we will get it off to you immediately.