Family Entertainment Center Suppliers and Designers

Inflatable Depot's play equipment is specifically designed and manufactured for high-traffic indoor use at family entertainment centers, or FECs. Our inflatables stand the test of time due to their 18-20 ounce vinyl material and secured seams. By investing in our long-lasting, high-quality inflatables, family entertainment centers can increase traffic to their venues and boost ticket sales. Our inflatable products have almost double the lifespan of traditional commercial inflatables — resulting in a better return on investment and more revenue for your business!


Benefits of Choosing Inflatable Depot as Your FEC Supplier

Inflatable Depot is the leading family entertainment center designer, builder and supplier. We offer durable, affordable, energy-efficient inflatable play equipment to FECs all over the world. With our speedy production times and excellent product warranties, you can focus on building your brand with our expertly designed and fully customizable inflatable play equipment.

Our FEC inflatable options include:

  • Custom design and layout
  • Custom inflatable props and branding
  • Complete inflatable indoor and outdoor amusement parks
  • Custom structures

Our different line of products include interactive play solutions for children of all ages and abilities. Learning through play is essential for a child's social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. For example, our toddler zone provides a challenging, stimulating environment for young children with soft play objects, auditory play panels and visual materials. Children can engage in play that requires using all the senses.


Large-Scale FEC Custom Inflatables

Inflatable Depot is your family entertainment center builder for safe, durable and affordable custom inflatable products. Examples of heavy-duty custom inflatables we've supplied to FECs include:

  • Genesis - Inflatable Concept Park: This original, revolutionary and customizable concept breaks new ground in the industry.
  • Big Bounce America Large: At 113 feet in length, this design will help increase traffic to your FEC with its fun and thrilling visual appeal.
  • Inflatable Giant Forest: This massive inflatable forest is an excellent opportunity to draw attention and build your brand.
  • Inflatable Giant Bathtub: This design features 19-ounce heavy-duty vinyl, flame retardant and lead-free materials, replaceable side covers and customization and design assistance.
  • Inflatable Giant Pumpkin Mattress: Our FEC giant pumpkin inflatable mattress will draw children and families to your venue with its vibrant colors and original design.

Inflatable Depot and sister company I Depot Play can offer a multi-level climbing environment to challenge young minds with climbing structures, soft play objects and visually stimulating components for a unique learning experience. Choose climbing walls for your family entertainment center as a way to engage children in thrilling and safe exercise. Or invest in attention-grabbing motor rides or inflatable games. The choice is yours.


Partner With Inflatable Depot as Your FEC Designer and Supplier

With our originality and innovative designs, Inflatable Depot has become the industry's trendsetter for family entertainment play equipment. Our high-quality custom inflatables provide exemplary entertainment for children and families alike. We stress pure playability, fun and originality in all our designs.

Contact us today to request a free phone consultation, printed booklet or price quote. You can also call 1-866-716-3704 to get started!