Inflatable Amusement Parks

Inflatable Depot takes great pride in our strong worldwide presence and international customer base. We have partnered with international and domestic visionaries in the creation and development of Inflatable Amusement parks.

From Concept

To Reality

Taking pay for play to the extreme, these permanent, mobile, seasonal, indoors or out, Inflatable Amusements park owner / operators have selected Inflatable Depot to supply event branding, inflatable games and rides, costumed characters, park layouts and exclusive product designs.

Inflatable Depot has become the complete supplier for the inflatable amusement park buyer, including but not limited too; inflatable games and rides, customized entrance ways, crowd control, area enclosures, utility and electrical service preparation, along with personnel planning and development. We have the designs and capabilities of creating participant excitement to build a local buzz to drive attendance numbers beyond expectations.

Free Consultation

Complete Customization to meet your needs!

Take your center to the next level; add decorated and branded party, safety, and advertising equipment. Simple things; a custom inflatable birthday chair, branded or decorated support column covers or a giant advertising inflatable. Complete the visual stimulation, create attention, and buzz. Let us show you how we can complete the package by customizing to meet your needs.

Installation Services

Walking Mascots

Entrance Design

Take a Look Inside!

We love our hearing about customer successes and accomplishments, but even more exciting is seeing videos of our customer partners’ happenings and events check out the media recognitions and customer developed videos. Enjoy the fun!

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