Old Fort Water Fun


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We’ve all had dreams to conquer an Old Fort with our friends when we were little ….. and now Inflatable Depot is bringing this amazing opportunity to make this happen while having fun under the sun !! This amazing looking double water slide has been designed and created to have the most adventurous experience ever created. If you are able to escape the threatening Octopus from the sea you would land into an “ocean” pool where you would be safe and sound. Great photo opportunity for your visitors to have a picture with one of the most beautiful inflatable slides we’ve manufactured in our long history. When you need a WOW factor unit to make a “splash” impression on your guest the Old Fort Water Fun is your best option, GUARANTEED ! In addition, our unit includes a system that allows you to attach garden hoses (not included) to the top of each slide to make the experience a real blast!

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Length: 23'/  7 mts    Width: 39'/  11,8 mts    Height: 20'/  6,1 mts

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Length: N/A N/A Width: N/A N/A Height: N/A N/A

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9' / 2,7 mts
3 Blowers
2 Pieces

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Old Fort Water Fun

Old Fort Water Fun


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Only Inflatable Depot could design and build units with maximum playability, movement, and activity choices within the entire collection of games or rides. Check out all the opportunities of fun and excitement within this great unit!