About Inflatable Depot

With over twenty years of worldwide growth, and as the recognized leader in design and manufacturing of heavy duty, high quality inflatables we have focused on interactive games and rides targeting family fun and entertainment.  Our emphasis from inception has been motivated by play and what part it has on the design of our units and “PURE PLAYABILITY” to provide the highest entertainment factor in the industry.  Inflatable Depot has become the most innovative, creative and knowledgeable inflatable company in the family fun industry.  As a trendsetter and visionary, we have become specialists in multiple industry segments including Party Centers, Amusement Parks, Parks & Decorations, Custom Structures, and Corporate Branded Solutions.  Our partners have selected us for our ability to deliver our exclusive unique designs, abilities, and capabilities while bringing a visualization into a reality.

Inflatable Depot’s Innovation, trendsetting and originality, has shaped the industry.  Design firsts coming from Depot’s creative genius:

  • Self-contained combo units beyond the square box, introducing shape, color, and activity.
  • Giant themed slides with innovative and unique characters never seen before
  • The first self-contained inflatable activity complex offering full size activities that would normally encompass three to four units specifically designed for the indoor party center. 
  • Multiple sensory activity incorporated within the confines of an inflatable arena, with the award-winning Air-Bots TM, Incorporating sound, visually unique printed graphics, controllable inflatable suits, and probably the most exciting interactive game in the industry.
  • Incorporating immediate feedback by combing sight and sound within a flexible multi-sport cage with the Real Sports XP.
  • Designing a Multi-Player sensory game by turning the ever-popular “SIMON” memory game into an exciting safe inflatable game.
  • Multitudes of life like visual appealing popular pop culture theme games and rides.
  • Specialization on targeted industry segments offering unique and specialized options beyond the norm.
  • Imaginative capabilities allowing us to design, build structures that incorporate a variety of materials, textures, and manufacturing techniques making something that is completely distinctive and one off.

Inflatable Depot takes great pride in our history, experience, capabilities, creativity, industry firsts, and especially our customer partners.  We are excited about the future and look forward to what it will bring.  Have a need?  A Vision? Partner with one of the most innovative, creative and knowledgeable organizations with a worldwide presence in the family fun industry.  Want to know more?  Give us a call!

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