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  • Bounce Houses & Combos

    Commercial Inflatable Bounce Houses

    For 20 years, Inflatable Depot has led the commercial inflatable industry with innovative, interactive design and execution. If you need a commercial-grade moon bounce house or combination inflatable, we can deliver results.

    Combo Games are Inflatable Depot's trademark. We created this category with the idea of including many activities within one game. Games in this category are the perfect antidote for bored kids who have been on inflatables all their life, so they're a sure way to stir things up with your clients.

    Wholesale Commercial Bouncers for Your Business

    Inflatable Depot offers dozens of commercial bouncers sold at wholesale prices, and we also offer custom design services that ensure your business gets exactly the product it needs.

    Our selection of commercial bouncers includes:

    • Commercial bouncy castle slide combos that will keep players busy and happy for hours
    • Bouncers with multiple slides, allowing for two-player fun
    • Inflatables with tunnels, mazes, climbing walls and ball pits
    • Inflatables with fun themes and characters, from pirate ships to Halloween ghouls
  • Toddler Inflatables

    Toddler Inflatables Products

    Tap into imagination and the wonder of play with an inflatable play area for toddlers! Families with young kids will have a world of fun exploring fully inflatable and safely-designed playgrounds — maximum fun with minimum hassle!

    Exciting Themes That Will Delight the Whole Family

    Each of our inflatable toddler play areas has been professionally designed with an exciting theme in mind. Our selection includes family favorites such as Tiki Island, Volcano Lagoon, Backyard and Magic Jungle, to name just a few. Each inflatable toddler commercial product has been crafted for young kids to enjoy, complete with bright colors and fun themes.

  • Obstacle Courses &...
  • Water Games

    Water Games are are the summer's big hits. The combination of an inflatable game with water is unbeatable!  Our designers excel at devising new ways to make these games fun all. Check out the unique designs in this category!

  • Rental Industry

    This collection is intended to service every need in the inflatable party rental industry. You can find affordable options with unique and colorful themes. Units on this category are smaller and lighter than our signature inflatables, but they are as effective when it comes down to fun, pure playability and creative designs. Check out the selection below to attend all your inflatable party rental needs.

  • Large-Scale Custom...

    Large-Scale Custom Projects Products

    Do you run a large-scale indoor inflatable park or family entertainment center? Are you on the lookout for big commercial inflatables to delight and draw families to your business? Inflatable Depot offers the best custom branded inflatable entertainment there is out there. Our exclusive, fully custom designs are like nothing else you'll find. You'll have the chance to create your own vision and work with our team to bring your imagination to life!

    Products Customized From the Ground Up

    Forget expensive plans to create your own brick and mortar park or the tiresome routine of renting products over and over. We've crafted a selection of commercial inflatables tailored for large businesses. You can own your own giant custom inflatable games and commercial bouncy slide at an affordable price without the hassle. Each of our permanent commercial inflatables for sale is easy to install or uninstall, making them the ultimate flexible choice for your establishment.

  • Custom Inflatable Combo

    Custom Inflatable Combos

    What do you get when you cross a bounce house with an inflatable slide? The ultimate commercial inflatable combo!

    Inflatable Depot has been the leading inflatable company in the U.S. for more than 20 years. We've designed an enormous selection of one of a kind inflatable bounce house combinations with whimsical themes, vibrant colors and dynamic fun. Whether you're looking to upgrade your family entertainment center, replace fading indoor park equipment or start an exciting new chapter with your business, you won't find quality custom commercial inflatable combos such as these anywhere else.

    Family-Friendly and Designed for Safety

    With the bounce house slide combo, kids can jump, play, climb and slide, within a safe and versatile structure. With themed inflatable bounce house combinations from whimsical fortresses to a Fun Ball Slide and everything in between, kids can enter imaginative new worlds as they play. Parents will love the creative designs and the safety of our premium inflatable products. 

    Each of our large commercial inflatable combos is built to last, using the latest technology to secure the seams, and specifically modeled for easy installation or uninstallation. Businesses with their own bounce house combo on hand will find it ultra-convenient to inflate, deflate or move to a new location.

    It's never been easier to update your amusement park, festival or party center with the newest combos or swap out bounce houses according to the season. You might want a spooky Halloween-themed combo during the fall and a waterpark-themed bounce house and slide to get your visitors excited for the summer. No matter what time of year, there's a one of a kind commercial inflatable combo for your entertainment center — and it is waiting for you at Inflatable Depot.

  • Inflatable Slides

    Inflatable Slides for Family Entertainment Centers

    Inflatable Depot is your one-stop-shop for custom air inflatable needs. Our line of intricately designed, entirely custom and long-lasting inflatable slides is the ultimate choice for any park or family entertainment center. You'll discover unmatched quality with each inflatable slide's easy to use and wear-resistant fabric.

    We Offer Any Inflatable You Can Imagine

    Browse our inflatable structures for options your visitors are sure to love. From toddler inflatable bounce houses and colorful multi-lane slides to giant panda custom inflatable structures, there's something fun for the whole family. A range of theme park inflatable slides includes Air Bots™, pirates, monsters, aircraft carriers, snowstorms, princess castles and much more! The sky is the limit with our innovative inflatables. Kids will have fun bouncing and sliding all day long at your establishment with custom inflatables.

    With one-of-a-kind designs and easy to use material, our inflatable attractions will make a low-maintenance, high-reward addition to your business location. If you're all about inflatables, you'll want to stock up on your pick of air inflatables and keep families coming back for more fun.