Baby Dino Lake

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This fantastic game is part of the Inflatable Depot Baby Collection, which is a new concept in the industry. The Baby Collection allowed our clients to capture a market segment that nobody was paying attention to. In these units parents can play along with their toddlers in a safe and colorful game. The concept is available in five other cute variations that will appeal to everyone: #121HD Baby Magic Land, #122HD Baby Auto Race, #124HD Baby Stock Cars, and #125HD Baby Pirate Island.

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Length: 25'/  7.7 mts    Width: 17'/  5.2 mts    Height: 6'/  1.8 mts

Shipping Dimensions

Length: 39"/  100 cm    Width: 24"/  60 cm    Height: 31"/  80 cm   

Additional Info

253 lbs
115 kgs
1 Blower
1 Piece

Product Features

  • Under 3 Years

  • Child Monitoring

  • Jumping Area

  • Obstacle

  • Indoor Center

Video Overview

Totally Customizable

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Baby Dino Lake

Baby Dino Lake

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