Jumbo Course II

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The Jumbo Series obstacle / challenge courses which feature a unique modern look offering a fast, straight, two lane course that will generate some of the most competitive races in the market.  Want something longer and more physically taxing?  The Jumbo courses are designed to be attached creating an 80’ challenge course.

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Length: 40'/  12 mts    Width: 13'/  4 mts    Height: 14'/  4.3 mts

Shipping Dimensions

Length: 47"/  120 cm    Width: 33"/  85 cm    Height: 24"/  60 cm   

Additional Info

575 lbs
260 kgs
8.2' / 2.5 mts
2 Blowers
1 Piece

Product Features

  • Racing

  • Cross Over Lanes

  • Climb

  • Obstacle

  • Tunnel

  • Indoor Center

  • Child Monitoring

  • Ages 15 & Up

  • Squeeze

  • Slide

  • Crawl

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Totally Customizable

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Jumbo Course II

Jumbo Course II

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Totally Customizable

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