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  • Bounce Houses & Combos

    Combo Games are Inflatable Depot's trademark.  We created this category with the idea of including many activities within one game.  Games in this category are the perfect antidote for bored kids who have been on inflatables all their life and a sure way to stir things up with your clients.

  • Toddler Inflatables

    We take great pride that we conceived and expanded upon the Toddler segment of inflatable activities and games.  We started with the ever-popular Baby Series, which took the industry by storm, and most recently introduced the “City” & “Toddler” series.  Check out most complete toddler collection of games in the industry.   Do not forget the most important sector in the industry.   

  • Obstacle Courses &...

    Only the Inflatable Depot could create the Air Bots the most recognizable interactive in the industry.  We have taken the simple concept of an obstacle course or interactive and put the “Depot” twist and touch upon it.   Check out the most complete collection of Obstacle Courses and interactive inflatables on the planet.

  • Water Games

    Water Games are are the summer's big hits. The combination of an inflatable game with water is unbeatable!  Our designers excel at devising new ways to make these games fun all. Check out the unique designs in this category!

  • Rental Industry

    This collection is intended to service every need in the inflatable party rental industry. You can find affordable options with unique and colorful themes. Units on this category are smaller and lighter than our signature inflatables, but they are as effective when it comes down to fun, pure playability and creative designs. Check out the selection below to attend all your inflatable party rental needs.

  • Large-Scale Custom...
  • Inflatable Slides

    We do not build your fathers slide.  From the beginning we designed and developed the most extensive and creative collection in the industry.  From our giant themed slides, to the simplest single lane, they all have a unique flair or theme that sets them and you apart from the competition.  Check out the entire assemblage here.