Treasure Island Water Fun

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Welcome to the Treasure Island Water Fun! Getting wet it was never this fun before! Have a blast on this beautiful themed water park with amazing slides and climbing obstacles. On this island, they are sheltering the biggest fortune ever discovered by pirates and you are invited to discover it! Indeed, it has been a long time since the pirates discovered this island but it’s a real treasure! This water park is an amazing “wet ‘n wild” adventure and a playground soaring thrill. The Treasure Island Water Fun is composed of an aquatic basin representing the endless ocean. In the middle, there is a fun and crawl-through climbing/slide into the volcano. The opposite side of the volcano features a challenging and fun climbing experience. In addition, our unit includes a system that allows you to attach a garden hoses (not included) into strategic points of the unit to make the experience a real blast!

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Length: 53'/  16 mts    Width: 53'/  16 mts    Height: 15'/  4,5 mts

Shipping Dimensions

Length: Package 1: 53"/ 135cm - Package 2: 69"/ 176"/  - cm    Width: Package 1: 31"/ 80cm - Package 2: 43"/108"/  - cm    Height: Package 1: 31"/80cm - Package 2: 41"/ 105"/  - cm   

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8' / 2,4 mts
2 Blowers
4 Pieces

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Treasure Island Water Fun

Treasure Island Water Fun

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