Grime Twister

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This is a unique version of inflatable twister. Fully enclosed with a removable floor liner, the grime twister game provides the ability to offer a slippery and messy medium (ie vegetable OIL) for added fun.   Fully netted walls, which make it perfect for any event. Includes an ultra-durable heavy duty spinner.

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Length: 14'/  4.1 mts    Width: 12'/  3.7 mts    Height: 8'/  2.5 mts

Shipping Dimensions

Length: 32"/  80 cm    Width: 24"/  60 cm    Height: 24"/  60 cm   

Additional Info

150 lbs
68 kgs
1 Blower
2 Pieces

Product Features

  • Indoor Center

  • Accessories Included

  • Child Monitoring

  • Ages 15 & Up

  • Ages 4 - 14

Video Overview

Totally Customizable

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Grime Twister

Grime Twister

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