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October 23, 2014

#222 Samurai Temple

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Length 43' / 13mts
Width 25' / 7,5mts
Height 28' / 8,4mts
Weight 1270lbs / 575kgs
Rotation 250 p/h
Blowers 2 Pieces 1
Shipping Dimensions
Length 59'' / 150cm
Width 55'' / 140cm
Height 51'' / 130cm


Jumping Area Pop Ups Accesories
Racing Crawl Indoor Center Solutions
Cross Overlanes Slide Under 3 Years
Ball Pool Super Slide 4 to 14 Years
Climb Tunnel 15 Years or older
Obstacles Port Hole Child Monitoring



This theme had to be done by Depot! After many long journeys to the Land of the Rising Sun, we present you the Samurai Temple, our humble tribute to an ancient culture. In this game participants enter through a martial arts training area which will take them to the Summit of Wisdom on the Pagoda. They can later descend to test their skills by trying to break a wooden wall. The Great Samurai stands guard on the Temple. This game is an invitation for adventure.